• Integrated


    All our behavioral and supportive social services are designed to be carefully integrated with primary healthcare to operate in a more holistic way within community minded medical neighborhoods.
  • Community Minded

    Community Minded

    We work with partners from healthcare to social services and everything in between. All of our behavioral and supportive services confront the everyday needs of the entire community to support health & wellness.
  • Home Based

    Home Based

    We provide a full array of quality clinical behavioral health services, but we also place a special emphasis on home based care so we can help people and families to help themselves to be well.
  • Collaborative


    Everything we do, from our service philosophy to business planning is based on cultivating collaborative relationships.
  • Local


    We help to conserve independent local healthcare and human service resources so they can fit more efficiently within emerging regional and national systems of care.
  • Forward Thinking

    Forward Thinking

    We put change to work for the people and families we serve. And during this time of unparalleled opportunity, as always, we move forward along with our community partners.